Had fun doing that second assignment! The task was to design a logo for an establishment for “dude food” and craft beers, with a hipster twist. I went a little outside the brief, but hopefully my reasoning for this will be accepted.

You may read my report here (PDF); logo files not included.

The research part of the assignment took up quite a bit of time, but it also turned out to be extremely important for the decisions made during the design process. My initial sketches — done before the research had properly started, just based on the brief — were quite different from the final logo! The realization of how important different aspects of the research are made me revive my long dormant Pinterest account. For as long as I can remember I have collected inspiration and design resources, but up until now I’ve either been saving it onto my computer, or as photos on my cellphone — and magazine scraps and other physical items for inspiration has been put in drawers and then often forgotten about. While I’m blessed with a near photographic memory, I believe that Pinterest boards are brilliant for this purpose. Not only is everything sorted and neatly presented in album-like layouts, the website also provides similar items for new input — kind of like how I discover new music on Spotify.

On that note: our textbook; Graphic Design School: The Principles and Practice of Graphic Design, emphasizes the importance of keeping a curiosity for all things related to art, design, music, and literature — and while I have lived by that principle pretty much all my life, I could probably be even better at reflecting over how those experiences shape the way I think and feel. I am also considering subscribing to a design magazine: if you have a recommendation, I would love to hear it! I already subscribe to several photography magazines (not the technical ones), and I’m a huge consumer of books and music. I also love watching documentaries about designers, photographers, artists — again, bring on your recommendations and I’ll return the favour!