AW 00 Introduction

Brief: As a “warming up excercise” for the last year of studies, we were asked to create a piece of art using discarded and/or recycled materials. We were also to write an artist’s statement.

Art project

Redefining a subject matter by substituting the main objects

For this personal project, I am working with discarded objects. I remove them from their original purpose and setting and place them in a new and unforeseen location. An essential part of the piece is photographing the repurposed objects – the photo is the actual artwork.

The typical western hectic lifestyle – combined with hourly headlines about the environmental crisis, war crimes, and increased living costs – is a significant cause of stress. On the other hand, the concept of zen pebbles is a well-known symbol of balance and inner peace. Through this project, I investigate which everyday objects could replace the pebbles and still symbolise the same. Could an item you access daily be repurposed to channel peace, if only for a few minutes?

The symbolic power is increased when the object’s original purpose is stress-relief, as it could be with coffee:coffee circle

Alternative project photos

Art project