AW 19: Providing my own hosting service hosting

For once, I could check off a lesson task for finished on the first day of the week.

I co-run a hosting service — that is, I am more of a sleeping partner, but at least I have access to a server and cheap domain registration. When we set up our “reflective blog” at the beginning of this study, I decided to use one of my many domain names and a section of my own server for this and not go with the suggested / remotely hosted option. I have been making websites for nearly two decades, so this process is not new to me.

I almost exclusively use WordPress for my sites, no matter their size — once set up, you can easily administer a WP site through the Dashboard. For the required file transfers, my preferred FTP client is Filezilla. I also tend to use the File Manager found through the server’s cPanel for some purposes, like quick file edits. Larger file edits are done in Visual Studio Code and saved on my Dropbox in case of crashes/ hacking etc.


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