Who’s birdie?

birdie — formal name Birgit — is a gal equipped with a heart for the geekish and silly. Turning 50 didn’t help. At my workplace, surrounded by programmers, I am the only one decorating my desk with designer art toys, spanning from Funko Pop! vinyl figures of The Dude and Sherlock (BBC version, of course) to a collection of dunnies. And then there are my markers. Two complete sets from two different brands. And black felt tip pens — can’t have too many of those. Did I mention my Faber-Castell coloured pencils? Entering a well-stocked paper store is a blissful experience that can make me go all teary-eyed..!

And, on the note of markers and pencils: ever since I can remember, I have been drawing, colouring, taking pictures. My dream was to enter the National academy of the arts to become an illustrator, but my parents urged me to pursue a career in health services — for a safe income — and save the doodling for my spare time. I was an obedient child but eagerly grabbed every opportunity to express myself artistically. My lecture notes resembled illustrated textbooks. I made brochures for my sports team (painstakingly transferring Letraset letters to paper — this was before computers became household items). If anyone needed a poster made, I was the go-to person.

When I became a mother, I stayed at home with the boys for a few years. This was when the first personal websites — now blogs — started appearing. I dived into a world of HTML and later CSS, got my hands on a copy of Photoshop, and spent every spare moment (and night) teaching myself how to design good looking and well-performing websites. When I returned to the workforce, my days as a physical therapist were history; my newly acquired skills landed me a job with an advertising agency. Fast forward fifteen years, and find me working as the in-house UX designer for a company that makes map-based web and mobile apps.

So why enter school if my skills were already sufficient? Well, for starters: sufficient doesn’t equal excellent. While I am fairly confident in what I do, teaching yourself a skill inevitably will mean skipping some steps along the way. I hope to mend this by following a structured curriculum provided by — and under the guidance of — experienced designers. Being the sole designer at my job, I am also looking forward to what I expect to be inspiring and eye-opening discussions among the students. I am excited to get started!

Psssssst: I am also a major photography geek. I am deputy chair of the Norwegian photographic society and a board member at Scandinavia’s largest nature photography festival. I volunteer as a photographer at music festivals and concerts. I run a non-profit gallery with a weekly photo group. Scroll down to see links to my photo blogs and flickr accounts.


  1. Siv

    Første assosiasjon til navnet er «designpatruljen». Er det samme Birgitte?
    Dernest… også Noroff, deltid, (snart) 50. Interessert med faglig diskusjoner osv?

    • Birgit

      Heisann! Nei, ikke fra noen designpatrulje. Tar mer enn gjerne noen diskusjoner, la merke til at vi har en del erfaring som tangerer. 🙂

      • Siv

        Nice. du har e-postadressen min. Send gjerne et pip.

        Designpatruljen var Norges speiderforbunds gjeng for utvikling av tøy til speidere i 2013. Men da finnes det en Birdie til.

        • Birgit

          Opptil flere birdier – mange av dem er menn, også. Ja, ja. 😉

  2. Siv

    Mente Birgit.. puha.

    • Birgit

      😀 Er så vanlig at jeg anser det som alternativ skrivemåte!


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